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Aluminum Scaffold

Instant Snappy


Instant Upright


Instant Snappy is a lightweight, heavy duty folding work platform. Consisting of a one piece folding frame plus platform and castors, Snappy provides instant low level access which can be assembled in seconds. Users have a choice of platform positions up to a working height of 4m.

  • High strength aluminum construction

  • Cold formed Rib-Grip Joints

  • Choice of platform positions

  • Folding one piece frame plus platform

  • Heavy duty 360 degrees castors

  • Compact and portable

  • Automatic locking brace hooks

Instant Span Towers


Instant Upright


  • High strength aluminum alloy construction

  • Cold formed Rib-Grip Joints

  • Automatic Locking Brace

  • Color coded Braces

  • Heavy duty cast aluminum hooks with Rhino nose

  • Fluted frames rungs

  • Reversible multi-purpose frames

  • Automatic quick adjust leg hooks

  • VX One piece base unit